Simple, fast, and effective – smart networking can also get started quickly
Through the network protocol, you can remotely monitor images and view real-time data on T-Guard, providing a simpler and more intuitive way of use, greatly improving the security and easily obtain the overall situation on site from the monitoring center.

Support multiple cameras at the same time can help operators monitor high-risk environments remotely.

Visual data analysis – making temperature easy to see
Optical images and infrared thermal images can be presented on the T-Guard monitoring software at the same time. With only one screen, operators can quickly detect the surrounding heat sources.

Administrator can quickly monitor the heat distribution through image overlay :
The picture shows the GIS monitoring in the factory. Through non-contact fixed area thermal detection, you can instantly get temperature distribution and preset abnormal temperature alarms.

Continuous tracking – track and records
Detection conditions can be set in advance, such as maximum, minimum or average temperature, or the detection area can be selected for continuous tracking. When abnormal temperature is detected, it will alert the relevant personnel and reduce the risk of crisis.

Intuitive detection :
In factories, visible cameras and human eyes cannot detect chemical leaks in storage tanks. Not restricted by the lighting conditions, T-Guard can detect liquid leakage at an early stage and alert relevant personnel to take early response measures.

Will not miss the moving target :
In the case of pig farms, farms often require massive manpower and time to check the temperature of each pig. With the Heat Finder, it can automatically track the dynamic body temperature changes of each pig. When an abnormal temperature occurs in the pig, the farmer is immediately notified to prevent cross-contagion of the disease between the pigs.

Automatic temperature detection warning :
In public places, body temperature are detected by T-Guard for fever screening. When encountering those who have high body temperature, a warning sign will displayed and system took a snapshot to keep records. This non-contact sensing method not only greatly reduces the direct contact to suspected patients but also reduces the waiting time of the people in the queue.

Identify the heat source – track and record
Multiple sets of data records can be played back at the point in time when high temperature is detected. The captured data can be tracked and identify the cause.

Monitor the bearing temperature of the aging pump :
Through the playback and re-analysis function, users can redefine the monitoring points and areas that have not been set before to analyze hidden problems in record.

  • Customize any split screen editing function to provide 1 ~ 9 split screen
  • Photos taken manually can be saved in the specified directory
  • Dual image fusion monitoring
  • The system is directly loaded into the designated monitoring screen and played
  • Display the position of the camera by electronic map, query information and open the real-time screen
Temperature Control
  • Collect the highest, lowest and average temperature information in real time. Up to 6 sets of temperature spot and 6 sets different zone temperature, for a total of 24 sets of temperature spot be monitored at the same time
  • Real-time dynamic graph displays temperature change curve, and displays multiple sets of temperature data at the same time
  • The camera can be set to provide warning at the preset temperature point. when the detected temperature exceeds the warning value, it is regarded as an abnormal temperature and triggers the alarm, recording and notification response
  • Query the historical temperature trend of each temperature point recorded by camera
  • Time input search and playback
  • Adjustable playback speed
  • During playback, each screen will display the recording date, time and channel name and other information
  • The video file has picture processing function, and can provide options such as brightness, contrast, sharpness, mirroring, negative color negative film, etc.
  • Optical image export and playback in avi format
  • Support pre-alarm recording 0 ~ 150 seconds and post-alarm recording 5 ~ 120 seconds
  • With alarm setting function, you can define the alarm type, source location, action, photo capture, etc.
  • Linked action can be: recording, snapshot or continuous shooting, voice warning, PTZ preset point, E-mail, single-screen zoom, DO control, real-time video screen popup