Set up a mobile temperature screening station for the entrance of personnel flow

  • Replace manual close contact screening
  • No need to be stationary, fast and efficient
  • No contact, safe and reliable

Mobile screening station

  • Camera is installed at between 180cm to 200cm, above the average height of the average person
  • Camera should be tilted angle down at 10 to 15 degree for best viewing angle

Guidelines for the establishment of fast screening channels

  • Fast screen passage planning, to guide the flow of people through “single-person one-way” as the basic policy, so that the flow of people reaches a fixed distance (detection area)from the camera to ensure that all passing personnel can be checked for body temperature.
  • The distance between this certain point (detection area) and the camera is the “detection distance”. This distance must be within 2 meters, as long as it does not hinder the convenience of pedestrians to ensure fast flow of people. It is recommended to shorten the distance to 1 meter for increase the detection surface.

Customized detection area

  • Enable to conduct real-time temperature screening when passing through the detection area.
  • Effectively eliminates non-target heat source

Snapshot and alarm of suspected person with fever

  • Identify target → Snapshot → Alarm → personnel recheck