The Hexagram sensing system can collect physiological information, such as body temperature, breathing rate and heart rate, without interruption and without interfering with livestock. Assist the farmer to analyze the breeding information, improve the output value of animal husbandry, and supply the market with healthy and high-quality animal products

(Advanced livestock care to improve production efficiency)

Breed well, raise well

By monitoring the pigs in different closure, the physiological information is collected, so that the operators can create a database for each of the pigs. Use automated, non-contact data detection technology to replace the traditional manual invasive way to read physiological data, the system is able to prevent death of newly born piglets due to temperature loss, stop early infections in the herd, and reduce the mortality rate of disease. This not only reduces the cost for veterinary visits, but also reduces the farmer’s work load.
The system can also be used to look for signs of estrus to determine the best timing for breeding and greatly increase the piglet birth rate.

1. Collect physiological signs and analyze the relationship between breeding time and productivity

Together with birth record, big data of body temperature, breathing rate, and heart rate, Pedigree data to establishes breeding rules that effectively and increase productivity.

2. Sow health management during pregnancy and lactation, prevent harms caused by environmental factors and disease infection

Monitor sow body temperature and respiratory variability to detect signs of illness early and reduce the fatality rate to ensure that piglets are delivered smoothly and to prevent infection.

3. Piglets need to keep warm, adult pigs needs to keep cool

Constant monitoring by thermal technology can ensure suitable living condition for livestock.
One device can monitor multiple targets, identify those that are sick to prevent mass infection.

Monitoring while milking the cow, ensure quality of the milk

To solve the wearable device that cause discomfort and resistance to animals when collecting physiological information, Hexagram analysis system is installed next to the milking fence to sense the animal’s breathing and heart rate and infrared thermal imaging monitors breast temperature data. Once physiological urgency appears, farmers can be immediately notified.

(Monitor the health condition of dairy cows and prevent infections by early detection of increased body temperature and shortness of breath)

(Reduce dairy cow elimination rate → Raising the economic benefits of ranch by 20 to 35%)

(Milking area→ Healthy milking process management, resulting high quality of fresh milk)